Mordhida is the union of several friends to make covers back in 2008 and, after several line-up changes, Flavio remains as the only member of the original band. In 2017, finally consolidated as a band, we began to work on our own songs, resulting in what would be our first album in EP format, 
Politician’s Sitcom, which we self-produce and released in September 2018,
with typical influences of old school thrash metal, as well as touches of the
NWOAHM (Lamb of God, Trivium, Machine Head)

One of the strengths of the band lies in its live presence, making
each chord counts and expanding our sights both visually (scenery)
as technically (lights, pyrotechnics), betting on a careful image that does not leave anyone indifferent live.

In the impasse caused by the pandemic we have been working on what will be our 
first LP, recorded at The Mixtery studios by Raúl Abellán. In this album we combine all those influences from which we have fed and captured
in our EP, adding a more lyrical and raw touch to the songs,
resulting in "The Idiotic Principle", which will be promoted and distributed by Thornado Music
on December this year.